These moulds were used for making homemade cheese. The holes on the sides and base allow the whey to escape.
With the introduction of plastic, the glazed stoneware moulds are becoming harder to find.

The front mould was made in the 19th century. The chips and crack are consistent with its age. Apart from it being a conversation piece it looks very pretty when used with a tea light candle or for displaying small indoor plants.

H. 6.50 x Diameter. 8.50mm

The other 2 are from the 1930’s and are in excellent condition.
Perfect as a low plant pot, candle holder or for small nibbles bowl when entertaining e.g. cherry tomatoes, grapes nuts etc

No.6 (back left hand side)
H.70 x Diameter. 110mm

(back right hand side)
H.60 x Diameter.140mm

$65.00 each

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